We pride ourselves as experts at B2B technology companies at the “early growth” stage. It is an awkward time for a company that requires a lot of hard work by the management and boards to operationalize the business to sustain hyper growth.

We never force capital on our companies, and prefer to partner with management teams to appropriately fund their growth plans. This allows us to achieve our target investment returns at realistic exit outcomes while minimizing founder and management equity dilution.

Our approach to investing in technology companies has been formed through decades of real-world experience as operators and investors.

  • We seek to invest $3—7 million initially, and $5—15 million over time.
  • We choose to invest in B2B technology companies with market leading products and solutions.
  • We prefer revenues between $2—15 million at the time of our investment.
  • We look for well thought out Market and Product strategies, a sustainable competitive advantage, and a meaningful base of referenceable customers within the company’s ICP.
  • We work well with executive teams and board that have a strong cultural fit with Iron Gate, and an alignment on strategy, funding plans and the exit thesis.


We partner with energy asset managers by using our market insights and relationships to maximize the value of the assets. The managers we have backed to date have built/acquired upstream (exploration and production) assets worth $2.6 billion in value.

The Iron Gate investor base includes several families that have successfully operated and invested in the U.S. energy sector for decades. Their expertise and networks bring significant leverage to our portfolio.

  • We seek to invest $3—10 million per opportunity.
  • We back proven operators with a track record of success in the geography and strategy being offered.
  • We invest in the continental U.S.
  • We look for E&P projects with a 3—5 year hold, but will also invest in longer term yield-generating assets.

Real Estate

Navigating real estate markets requires experience and a deep knowledge of the product (location, type, strategy).

The Iron Gate investor base includes CEOs of several nationally recognized real estate development, construction and management companies in the hospitality, commercial, and residential space—giving us a leg up in sourcing and selecting compelling and unique investment opportunities.

  • We seek to invest $3—10 million of equity.
  • We prefer specific projects, not real estate funds.
  • We back proven sponsors and developers who know their local market and have experience in their given product/strategy.
  • We invest in the continental U.S.
  • We look for both short hold (3—5yr) new build and redevelopment projects, and longer-term yield-generating strategies.